Make $1000 Selling on eBay Before Christmas
Make $1000 Selling on eBay Before Christmas
Make $1000 Selling on eBay Before Christmas

Make $1000 Selling on eBay Before Christmas

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Author: Vulich, Nick

Edition: 1st

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 50

Release Date: 19-09-2013

Part Number: black & white illustrations

Details: Product Description Do you need some extra money for Christmas Shopping? Are you feeling the holiday pinch? Are you unsure where the money for Christmas presents is going to come from, let alone how you are going to pay for the Holiday Feast? This book can help you make the money you need fast, selling everyday items you may already have around the house. You will learn how to put your "money vision" goggles on and locate items you can sell over the next few weeks. Using this method $500, even $1000 is not out of the question. Just be warned – it’s going to take work. Lots of hard work. But the payoff will be a worry free, debt free holiday. Just sit back, and get ready to sell. You'll learn how to register for an eBay and PayPal account. How to write a killer title. How to craft an auction description that will have buyers drooling to buy your items. You will learn how to take great pictures, and finally how to price your items to sell. There's even a section on how you can buy items at Wal-Mart, Target, T J Maxx, etc. and sell them for a profit. And, the great thing is, if you follow the plan, you will be able to have the best Holiday Season ever, without going into debt. Stop being a Grinch! Have the Holiday you've always dreamed of... From the Author Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. Hey everybody, my name is Nick Vulich, and I just completed my newest book -  eBay 2015.   I started writing about two years ago, and it has been a real blast. Most of my books offer short, easy to read solutions to life's everyday problems. My bestsellers focus on e-commerce - How to sell on eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, and Etsy. Recently I published my first book of humorous essays -  Life Without the BS. It is part biographical, part political, and just a touch on the wild side. What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? The most recent book in my eBay series is  eBay 2015: 5 Moves You need to make Today to Sell More Stuff on eBay.   It was inspired by all of the changes occurring on eBay over the past year. For those of you unfamiliar with selling on eBay they have two major updates every year, the Spring Seller Update and the Fall Seller Update. Each time a new seller update is released there is a mad scramble by eBay sellers trying to update their listings and stay in compliance with eBay's new rules. The spring seller update last year was a real bear. Sellers were forced to resize all of their pictures to meet eBay's new size requirements so they would display properly when enlarged. This year's fall seller update begins with a new set of seller standards. Five-star feedback is no longer the goal. Instead, sellers are graded based on their defect ratio (a measurement eBay has developed to enhance buyer satisfaction). Besides the new seller updates, sellers have been faced with several other challenges this year. Many sellers have seen their sales come to a dead stop when eBay hides them in search for one reason or another. Mobile selling has also created new opportunities and challenges for sellers. It can put you in front of more sellers as buyers hop on their iPhones and tablets to make their purchases. It can also shut your listings out so mobile buyers cannot see them if your listings include HTML codes or embedded pictures, thus sellers are faced with a Catch-22 of sorts - Better looking listings, or more visibility in eBay search. eBay 2015 is an attempt to help sellers keep up with the ever-changing face of eBay. Do you have any unusual writing habits? I hate to admit it, but I write best when I am laid back in the recliner watching TV and sipping on a Diet Coke. Just to put it out there -  Psych, Family Guy, American Dad, and the  Simpson's set the backdrop while I am writing. Sometimes I will slip in an occasional episode of  Monk or  Two and a Half Men.   What authors or books have influenced you? When it comes to writing advice, Steve Scott is pr

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